East Hastings Exploration

For these last couple of weeks, I have noticed that I automatically wake up at 7 in the morning, and I just can not go back to bed after that. This is an extremely peculiar ritual for me, as I am not a morning person at all. Or at least, wasn’t before…And then it dawned upon me that, finally, after 6 months of being in the workforce, my body had adjusted to getting a certain number of hours rest everyday. Yay! I am a real grown up now. Waiting for the dark circles and wrinkles to start crawling in…

Ok, what is my relevant point regarding this picture? I work around East Hastings, there are Youtube Videos about how sketchy this place can be- so check those out and I’ll let them speak for themselves…

I pretend my poncho slash scarf is a cape sometimes, when I walk around here just to give me some fake superpower strength to scare off…who knows what really.

Oh here is the inside preview of what was burried under all that flare… This H&M top is so comfy and cute, just like everything else in that store. They should rebrand and call themselves C&C instead for real.

Stay safe!

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