Tips To Kick Those Post-Holiday Blues


I know it’s been a minute, call it a writers’ block or something…
Regardless, inspiration has finally struck me again as I’m in Shanghai waiting for this 5-hour layover to finally pass by so I can make my 11-hour commute back to Vancouver from Bangkok.
I was back home in  the lovely tropical Thailand for 3 weeks this Christmas, and it was truly amazing, as it always is. But as I have to leave vacation mode and my loved ones to go back to the harsh winter and working grind, I find myself getting a bit emotional.
Since I have been doing this for 8 years now, I have learned some ways to cope with my post-vacation blues, and I thought I’d share them with all of you too.
Here goes:

1. Take a day to rest.
I usually book a trip back to Vancouver on a weekend if possible, or use one of my vacation days to be off on the first day I’m back. At the very least, I’ll request a half-day or to work from home. This way I allow my body and mind to slowly accept the transition out of holiday mode without feeling overwhelmed. This day off also gives me time to unpack, prepare for the week ahead and even meet up with loved ones.

2. Incorporate some fun things into your daily routine.
Before coming back to Vancouver, I always reach out to loved ones and book events to go to with them or sign up for fun classes to go to myself. This way I have things to look forward to when I come back and it isn’t all just work without any play.

3. Start planning/ book your next trip.
I’ve booked a trip around Europe with my family and friends in April which I am counting down to already, and it really keeps me going because I know that will come around in no time. Another upcoming vacation makes leaving this one behind not as morose.

4. Keep in touch with new friends/ loved ones from your trip—or reflect on old photos.
I literally call or message all my loved ones from back home at least once a week if not every other day and this really helps me not feel their distance. We are really lucky to be living in a time where technology is this accessible.

5. Remind yourself that vacations only feel this great because you earned it…
Just like anything in life, too much of anything isn’t great. We enjoy vacations because we work so hard during the rest of the year and it’s good to unwind. If we were always OOO, perhaps we would be bored, lack motivation and not appreciate the time off as much. So let’s all get a solid few months of grinding done and earn for our next holidays together.

I hope that was helpful.