Tea Tales 

Say hello to my newest obsession by Davids Tea! ☕️This weather is most definitely tea drinking weather, well it is always tea drinking weather- lets be real.

This bottle right here is the “raspberry pink aladdin Tea Tumbler”, and comes with swing-down infuser that allows you to turn a knob to let it down or bring it up- making altering the steepness of your tea easy. My favourite part is that It is leak proof which means I can throw it into my bag without everything getting wet! 💦

Whilst there, I tried the new Spring Tea collection samplers and they were absolutely delicious with sweet and nutty aromas and flavours. 🍂

However, I am more of a classic herb tea type of girl, and this one is so yummy and soothing! It is called the Skinny, and is full of oolong, ginger and eleuthero- which we all know have been proven to accelerate metabolic rates… Hence it’s fitting name!

To be completely honest, nothing really ever beats my mom’s homemade Indian Chai though. Maybe it’s the acquired preference bias I have from all those years drinking it, that is talking- but Ill try and get her to give me the exact recipie she uses, and share it with you guys later to try out too!

Stay tuned and Happy Tea time! 🌸





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  1. MaryJo says:

    Tea>Coffee, David Tea>All Tea.

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  2. Vilma says:

    Tasha this is great!:)

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