Tuesday Tummies

My breakfast today morning is at JJ bean, and I decided to keep it a wholesome and nutritious meal. There was this gigantic peanut butter cookie staring at me the whole time, it was hard.
Since I am pescetarian, I opted for the delicious grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on multigrain sourdough bread- I usually try and make up for my protein intake at dinner with beans or tofu. I chose this seafood way of life, 4 years ago when I came to study nutrition at UBC. My faculty of Land and Food Systems, made sure we were well versed on the intricacies of how the food industry worked, and after some research, disturbing videos and images, I found myself automatically unable to eat meat as easily. I aim to give up seafood at some point of my life as well, however this requires more willpower than I currently have within me, because back home in Thailand  this takes up a huge portion of our cuisines and culture- something I have strongly ingrained in me.
Back to my lunch now, alongside my sandwich, I got a mango and passion fruit smoothie by Happy Planet- and I felt so fresh and energized after. You know why? This drink consists of 1 apple, 1 mango, and 1/4th of a banana and passion fruit. So many vitamins- Yay!
My total, hearty breakfast’s total calorie count for today adds up to 367- which is perfect for a meal. I think it is really important to be conscious of your calorie intake for the day- remember this varies per person based on your activity levels, BMI, sex and a few other variables- to keep your health in check!

Talk to you lovely people tomorrow ❤



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