How I Achieve A Well Balanced Life

Hi friends,

I know it’s been a while, so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!
So, I don’t know about you, but I am always reflecting on my life and analyzing how things are going in all departments—from work to fitness to me-time, the list goes on.
I really value living wholesomely in all aspects, as I really do believe that setting time equally to all areas is the most fool-proof way of achieving consistent happiness and fulfillment.

If you relate, great, I hope you find this read useful, and if not that’s just as great.
We are all trying to find our own paths of achieving happiness, purpose, and answers—so do what you got to get there. Just make sure you dedicate time to finding out what it is you need.

So here goes, this is what I do to try and make sure I tick off all the boxes that matter to me. Keep in mind that is very specific to me, and is meant to be a high-level overview of how you can organize your life.
Treat this read as a template of how you can divide up the things that matter to you and remember to always check in on the different categories you make—because that’s the only way you can track, modify and adjust.
I find that if I am ever feeling down, and I can’t place a finger on why I always come back to these “groups” I have made for my life and see which one is lacking the most, that’s usually where my problems lie.

Nutrition and Fitness

Over the last year especially, I have really devoted a lot of my time to being healthy. Maybe it has something to do with my recent 26th birthday, but I just realized how important it is to respect the body you are going to be living in, it’ll just make your life easier over the years.
I make sure to plan my meals every Sunday for the whole week ahead, I ensure I allow myself some days to indulge over the weekends to keep this lifestyle sustainable. I do my research, and make sure I am eating the right amount of calories and nutrients for me.
I work out at least 3 times a week, these days I slot out to work on in calendars, are not optional. I don’t ever make plans over them, but after and before. Once, you look at working out like brushing your teeth, life becomes easier. It’s just something must you do, not should do—remember that.

Career and Productivity

It is really important that you are working for a company that allows you to thrive. I ensure I am working in a space that motivates me in a way that makes me want to do my best. I also always make sure to be very communicative at work about how things are going during check-ins, as this prevents things from going wrong and also allows me to feel “connected” to my company. Since your job takes up a majority of your day, you should make sure you truly feel good about it.
I like to keep track and note down all my goals and KPIs, which I use to present reports to my clients and managers throughout a project as well as the end. This not only ensures for efficiency but also keeps me on my toes as well as gives everyone else full clarity of what I am doing.

Self Actualization and Me-time

After 8pm, all my screens are shut—I only keep alerts on for messages from important contacts, but that’s about it.
I spend the rest of the evening with myself, I turn on a candle, clean, read, meditate, write in my journal, do some skin and hair care and just love myself. It’s the best way to unwind before hitting the sack.
I think we all get lonely sometimes or feel not understood, I used to believe someone would come and just change that for me and I’d never feel those moments again. As I have gotten older, I have realized that only you can understand yourself and be there for yourself. It’s quite beautiful to feel a connection to your soul—something I really believe I am starting to feel over time. When I start to feel this way, I will rush to my journal and just write the most authentic thoughts I ever have. With paper, you don’t have to worry about holding anything back. It’s beautiful, and I always close my book feeling so full.

Socialization and Relationships 

Just as me-time is important, so is other-people time. I love different energies and going out and doing things with other people.
However, instead of spending a ton of time all the time with people I don’t really care for, I choose to dedicate the time I have to people who I genuinely love, connect with, or help me learn and grow.
I make an effort to meet people, call them, keep in touch, let them know I appreciate them.
Sometimes we take one another for granted, and I never want to regret doing that to anyone. Life is short, love is beautiful. Bask in it.


I used to rollerblade when I was younger, I miss doing that so I bought a pair and am going to start again.
I enrolled for a bunch of hip-hop classes, I used to be obsessed with dancing, and I know I’m good and I get so happy when I do.
I’ve been slacking on the gram, and I miss being creative with my captions and fashion, I am shooting all weekend.
Get up and go do what you LOVE. The best kind of high.

That’s all for now folks.